Thursday, June 19, 2008


It should be clearly understood there is a difference between "rubbish" and "garbage", at least in my mind.
Rubbish is the detritus of life that can't be recycled. Garbage is yucky kitchen left overs. In my on going down sizing plan I have just put out a PILE of rubbish for the dustman. We, in London, are on a 4 bag limit with restrictions on what we may and may not put to the curb. You may put out a monitor you may not put a computer. What if you have a broken lap top???? do you rip the top half off???? Mystery....anyway....
I tried very hard to sort my rubbish and even tied up my cardboard with 2 strings!! I refrained from putting a bow on it I was afraid that that may smack of a little sarcasm. Don't piss off the trash man. Normally we don't even have half a bag of non recyclables, so I have no guilt on my offering for tomorrow.
I am also cleaning out "The closet", sigh. I am not hard on my clothes and I tend to wear the same thing year after year. ( Leaving any left over cash for yarn...snicker) I have 2 bags in my car so far and tonight I am going to tackle it again. I am sssssooooooooo sick and tired of what I wear..gag. It is time to get rid of the memories some of those outfits evoke plus the "what was I thinking when I bought this" things. yee gods.
On my way in the door tonight I dropped my computer case on my toe. "Oh my," I said in a falsetto voice,"but that smarts a trifle." Hmmm piggy #2 is competing with #1 in the size department.
I better go get the ice.

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