Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Canada Post Employees...shame!

2500 years ago the Greek historian Herodotus is credited with saying,"Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." This phrase one way or the other has been used to describe the postman. Well not any more, people.

Last Wed, June 18th I sent a package, Xpresspost, ( an honour for which I paid more) with the assurance that it would be in Kincardine on Thursday, June 19th. Which according to my tracking number, it was duly noted as arriving in the post office. This is where the ball got dropped. My sense of humour being such as it is and because I was mailing to a Scottish town in Ontario I sent the parcel to " The Roberts Clan" I had the correct address and the correct postal code. My oversized label was also printed on the computer in large bold easy to read type. Tracking also informed me that a delivery had been attempted and a card "had been left." Not So. No card, no parcel. Nadda. Forward to Tuesday of this week, June 24th, 5 days later and my son finally recieved the card in his super house delivery in Kincardine. Super Boxes are reputed as being more efficient and cost effective...ya right The card was directed to ..and get this ...."R. Clan" and it was the wrong house number. Stupid bleeding twits. Shaking my head. Thank God there is no "R. Clan" living on my son's street or he would wonder why he just recieved 2 handmade quilted girly wall hangings, in the mail. Canada Post should have a prerequisite to hiring employees, and that is that they should be able to read.

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