Thursday, March 06, 2008

This Knitter's Dream Retreat

Knitting has become the new "Zen" according to an article I read lately. Duh. Every knitter knows the meditative benefits of knitting. It appeals to every sense. True knitter's are yarn snufflers too. Mmm the aroma of new wool. Yummy.
Then there is the touch, the sight and the sound of the needles brushing past each other..Sigh
The only thing missing is the location.
For years my son has expressed a desire to build an eco freindly home. I hope one day he can.....cause I found a Granny flat just for me. Check out this "Low Impact Woodland Home"in the Welsh countryside.

I love it! Furry feet are not a requirement. This is Hobbit heaven. I could be happy curled up on a sofa knitting with my grand children. Look at the loft to the right.
I could do some fantastic interior design with this pallete. So in the mean time I guess I will just have to mentally retreat here when I want to "zone out."

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