Tuesday, March 25, 2008

one Crocus..more than one..croceye..??

Gotta love the crocus, they don't let a late spring stop them from blooming in the snow.
It is a semi dull today. It is quiet so I decided to take an early lunch. I know it is windy out side I see the wires swinging on the telephone poles. This is an older part of the city, no buried wires here. A delivery chap was just banging on a door across the way. I can tell by the way he is hunching his shoulders it must be cold out there. The fabric of his pants whips back and forth in the wind and the sand sweeps up in clouds and swirls around him. Shudder, I just turned my little electric blower back on. The weather man has taken his life into his hands by declaring we are going to get another storm. Wash his mouth out with soap. Who else gets paid to aggrivate us? Oh yes, ..lawyers, but that is another story.
I am still torturing myself at "Curves" my waist is still thick but I will end up with muscles in my arms and legs like a wrestler on steroids. I some how think I have been had...again. ALL THOSE "HAPPY " WOMEN IN THE COMMERCIALS ARE LYING. I don't see one of them breaking a sweat. Speaking of commercials and speaking of "Happy" here is my pet peave, and I direct this to the millions of us women. What is it with "Have a happy period." The only time I can think of a happy period is if you didn't want to be pregnant. It seems to me that I had about 530 of them and I don't remember them as happy! More like "oh damn here again" and "thank god it's done." Let's hear it for menopause Woo Hoo. Now that is happy!

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