Friday, March 07, 2008

Musings......tulips and the life of a dog.

I just hate posting without a picture. This one is so pretty and I have to remind myself that they will be in bloom IF the friggin' snow would ever stop falling
Sheesh.. We are supposed to be getting another whack of it tonight and tomorrow. Enough already!

I promised Granny Ann I would take her to Ottawa for a couple of days in May for the Tulip Festival.

Eldest child has hurt herself at work. Cracked ribs hurt..ouch..Hmm wonder if it will impede her knitting? Naw, she is still breathing!

Chloe has developed an annoying habit of waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and wants to go out! Now, this is not received kindly by yours truely!
Her coat had gotten very long and her feet where well padded so she wasn't feeling the cold. So I thought," OK I'll fix you!"
Of to the doggy salon and I got her buzzed. When I get home from work she is out for about 5 minutes then she is hopping from foot to foot in the cold and anxious to get in.
What is it about the middle of the night? She sits in the snow, freezing her tush, looking for all the world like coyote bait. Gazing around and meditating while I am falling asleep on my feet.
I open the sliding door a crack, "Chloe, I whisper, hurry up." She sends me long gazes over her shoulder and then looks back to watch the frost forming on the tree trunk. I open the door again. There is a thread of anguish in my voice as I say, "Chloe! move it." Still nothing. I open the door wider. "Chloe! I plead, come on get in here." Nothing. Nada. Ziltch. I shut the door and contemplate going back to bed and leaving her there to freeze in the snow. The fat cat lays at my feet and meows. I agree with her that the dog is a jerk!
I am sitting on the dining room chair by the sliding door my head slowly bobbing when suddenly I see her on the other side of the glass. "Yeah, I cry," and slide open the door. She sits there. She has walked around the gas BBQ and now can't reach the doorstep. I look down at my bare feet and pink toe nails and sigh, "CRAP." The wind finds it's way up my housecoat. I shudder. It has to be minus 10 out there. I stomp off to find my running shoes and Chloe begins to bark. Oh right, now MR-Anal-Retentive-Neighbour will have something else to bitch about! I stick my feet into the runners and step out onto the side patio. Jesus, Mary and Joseph it's colder than death out here. I pull on the cord and Chloe promptly runs around the BBQ in the WRONG direction. I'd weep but the tears would freeze on my face. I unclip the damn dog and she hops into the house and waddles off to bed while I stomp around in the snow untangling the lead. Dropping the leash over the door handle I step back inside the house. Large clumps of snow have followed me into the dining room, sneaking a ride in the tread of my Nikes. I haphazardly mop up the snow chunks and toss the whole mess into the kitchen sink. Even the cat has gone back to curl up in her favourite chair as I wander through the dark house heading for my bed. Climbing back into the warm nest I sigh with contentment............................................................................................and then lay there with my eyes wide open!
I am now fully awake!
It is 3:30 am.
Slowly I reach over the side of the bed and grasping a ball of Patons Canadiana Yarn I pitch it at the dog. She didn't even move. I can hear her snore. She's a bitch right enough.

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