Thursday, November 08, 2007


I hear these little voices in my head. They are my children, when they were small. "Auntie Sue look, Auntie Sue see."
The only sister I have ever had stopped breathing while driving her 80 yr old mother home from shopping. Ingrid grabbed the wheel and the car went off the road through a chain link fence and hit a tree. In a school yard. The children were in class. Susan had taught junior school for 33 years she retired this year. She was Susan "I" I was Susan "A". She is in intensive care in Niagara Falls Hospital. The prognosis is about as bad as it can be. There is no brain function and she is on life support. She is 58 yrs old and has 2 wonderful sons. A year ago last September, her younger sister Sandy passed away leaving a wee boy without a mother. The family will have to decide the "when" there does not appear to be any hope. She is already gone.
My children are devastated. Although I am now technically a sister-out-law as opposed to "in" she always was happy to see me. We shared 30 years together. My mortality is crashing around me.

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