Tuesday, November 20, 2007

100 Things about Me

November 2007
One Hundred Things About Me:
1. My age doesn’t bother me; after all you are as old as you feel.
2. I grew up in a border town hence my tolerance for American politics, in general, is pretty thin.
3. I think Canadians need to be more Patriotic.
4. I believe in a higher power, I have Catholic leanings but as I age I think God is a woman!
5. I am a perfectionist.
6. I have a monumental inferiority complex, I cover it well.
7. I am terrified of roller coasters.
8. I love to teach.
9. My favourite colour is teal or pink or blue.
10. I wish I was bilingual.
11. My favourite teacher was in High School, Ancient History; I am so damn old now I have forgotten his name but not his teaching style.
12. I enjoy being alone but I can be the life of the party.
13. I am a daydreamer.
14. I hated someone once, not a good idea don’t do it is self destructive. Trust in Karma!
15. I have been bankrupt.
16. I was intimidated by Nancy Grimmell and Barbara Brown in school they were smart and had perfect hair. I looked like I had been dragged through the bushes backwards hence I must be stupid.
17. I am very organized.
18. I hate to clean
19. I love to cook.
20. I can’t hit a baseball to save my life.
21. I am an accomplished needlewoman; there is an old fashioned term for you.
22. I am non violent. I have been known to burst into tears at a hockey game when a fight broke out.
23. I will kill you if you hurt my children/grandchildren.
24. I believe in capital punishment.
25. I am prepared to answer for #23.
26. I have been rejected, cheated on and lied too.
27. I did the same years later, not happy about that.
28. I am content for the first time in years.
29. I dislike talking on the phone, I do it all day.
30. My most favourite job was the Video Manager at Steve’s TV in Kitchener
31. Second favourite: Office Manager, my present job.
32. My idol is still my Grandmother, Edith Jessie MacDiarmid Cottrell, a class act all the way!
33. I regret never going to university
34. I have allowed that to intimidate me.
35. I want to write at least one novel in my lifetime.
36. This is my second year participating in the National Novel Writing Month I won last year. This year is a shoo-in.
37. I had a friend who was gay. It was sad, in retrospect I let this person down; I just didn't know how to be supportive. We lost touch; times have changed, I would like a chance to talk. I have never forgotten the friendship.
38. I have never smoked pot.
39. I have eaten a dozen donuts......gag
40. I try very hard not to favour one child/grandchild over another.
41. I do not always succeed.
42. I hate and do not understand teasing.
43. I prefer fish over beef.
44. I could be a vegetarian, easily.
45. I prefer cake over pie.
46. I spend money like water.
47. I want to be famous for something.
48. Bread and butter should be served with everything.
49. I still miss my father (1994) and my grandfather (1965)
50. I am a romantic.
51. I remember my first kiss, my first love, my FIRST.
52. It wasn’t that great. Like everything else experience is the key!
53. The first car I ever bought and paid for was a Tempo. Black, red interior, no air conditioning.
54. The second is the one I have now, red with a black interior and this time I have air conditioning.
55. I do not like anchovies.
56. Unless they are in Caesar salad.
57. I got lost in Pompeii.
58. I am generous.
59. The most influential person in my life: My Mother
60. I put ice cubes in my wine.
61. I listen to books on tape while I knit.
62. I have loved twice in my life, deeply passionately.
63. I have been wearing Enchantress Pantyhose, buy them online, since the late 90’s
64. I love to travel.
65. Although not an animal person I am attached to my Shih Tzu, Chloe.
66. I enjoy most music, I don’t usually know who is singing but I like it.
67. When eating at a restaurant I will send bad food back to the kitchen.
68. I treat myself to a pedicure once a month.
69. I dislike intolerance in others.
70. I am not a bigot...unless you are from south of the 49th. *Big Grin*
71. I can be shallow.
72. I have worn acrylic nails since 1998.
73. I admire my 4 children.
74. I believe in spirits. The ghostly kind!
75. The best birthday card I ever received said, “ Age doesn’t matter if you have money” open the card and it says, ” Oh Crap”... that was the month I declared bankruptcy.
76. I have one, true, forgive me everything, we will be in the old folks home together, girl friend.
77. I want to give all my really good jewellery away while I am still alive.
78. I have already started doing just that.
79. I wear my Grandmother’s (the Welsh one) wedding band as a symbol of the relationship I am in.
80. I am a yarn-a-holic.
81. I am happier in a skirt than a pair of jeans.
82. I used to bowl on a ten pin league; I was the only one in a skirt!
83. I love the sound of a Scottish brogue.
84. The best modern invention after the microwave and the four slice toaster is the crock pot
85. Best sex, a Scotsman...see #83
86. The best holiday as a child : Pointe au Baril Station, Ontario at my Great grandparents cottage on Winnie Lone, an island in Georgian Bay
87. The best holiday as an adult: one week in England, one week in Ireland and 2 weeks on the continent: Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. All in the same month.
88. I detest exercise.
89. The bigger the book I am reading, the better.
90. I love lace.
91. I detest taxes.
92. I do not have a family doctor.
93. I do not watch soap operas on TV.
94. If I could go back in my life there are some things I would change.
95. The place I miss the most: Rockwood Conservation Park
96. The place I am glad I left: Milton, Ont.
97. I have a weakness for men with beards.
98. I do not like worms.
99. I like “Pomp and Ceremony.”
100. My most memorable book, "Below The Salt." by Thomas Costain. My first "grown up" book.


FeyRhi said...

Read # 60, can't make my eye stop twitching....no it didn't say what I thought it said. *Wail* Have I taught you nothing!

This was pretty cool, I think I'm going to try it.

Myfanwy said...

It is a good exercise in "know thyself" It's easy at first but about three quarters through I really had to stop and think about it.