Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Riviera Maya, Aventura Spa Palace

This afternoon my boss said to me, "I would like to speak to you for a moment."

"Hmmm," thought I, "I wonder what's up?"
THEN HE SAID........

I would like to offer you and Carl this trip to the Mayan Riviera !

Expenses PAID.

Jan 11-16, 2009

I could hardly breathe.

I am so excited.

Look at this place......

and there is beachfront too....

The room has a balcony and a double jaccuzzi.

When I say all inclusive I mean ALL inclusive...

go HERE to see more

Now, this is what I call job appreciation!

- bye the way I accepted his offer!


FeyRhi said...

F'n A! Gorgeous. I'm so excited for you!!! Take lots of pictures!

Hey this means you won't have to scrimp on your yarn habit now... Double Whoop!!

Myfanwy said...

No kidding I am walking around here with this huge grin. Carl is on the job, he called when I got home from work and I told him. He has called me twice he is so dumbfounded..lolol I want to go see some mayan ruins too..