Thursday, August 07, 2008

Aging Gracefully

Death and taxes are, as they say, the things in life that never change. I guess I would agree with that. As I get older (where did last week go?) I am, finally after 50 years of trying, at a place where I am more accepting of me. Aging gracefully is my goal. Nana has always been my role model. My grandmother was, as my grandfather, Ernie, would have said, "A class act." I smile as I type that. I remember him saying, with a touch of awe in his voice, that my grandmother was a beautiful woman. She was 63 at the time. This is Nana at 90.
I am getting there. I have definitely mellowed. I would like to spend the next 50 years being kinder to me. Eating healthy, dressing appropriate and being well groomed is part of it. It is also being proud of my accomplishments and letting go of my failures. Too much time has been spent lugging around emotional weight. Time to lock it away and loose the key. Hmmm not an easy task.

I had dreams and expectations for my life that did not happen. (Who doesn't) Now I am blessed on so many fronts. It is time to rejoice in that. I have found a caring affectionate partner, a satisfying job, good friends and a loving family. It turns out that I am a very good teacher and in an old fashioned term, I am an accomplished needlewoman. Life is good and can only get better.

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FeyRhi said...

A perfect attitude to have. Geegee was gorgeous.