Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Blahs

I came home today with a headache. Thought a cup of tea would be the ticket. Filled the kettle and went to change into a pair of comfortable jeans and out of those damn panty hose. Wondered why the kettle hadn't boiled. Back into the kitchen to find the kettle still sitting in the sink. Sigh....
Went and got a couple of Advil while the tea was brewing. Drank the tea forgot to take the Advil.
It's not Alzheimer's really...really

I am knitting a baby sweater, as a favour, out of (shudder) acrylic, the tale of which really belongs on the other blog. It has not been a joy. Everything that could/has gone wrong. We are not experiencing joy in
"Knit Ville." Not when I have 4 oz of silk and 5000 beads calling to me. But that, as I said, is another story.

It snowed AGAIN. My car looked like a marshmallow AGAIN. We are not amused. My renewal notice came from the car insurance today. In honour of my 43 years driving (with one little fended bender in 09) they are delighted to inform me my monthly insurance rate has been decreased by...wait for it....Three dollars.
That wouldn't buy me a packet of stitch markers for the love of.......

I bought a lottery ticket. I am sure it is rigged. I didn't win. Totally will have to re think my retirement plans.

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Happyone :-) said...

Only $3, but it is better than going up. :-)

I guess we all have days like that. Hope things are looking up and you don't get any more snow!!