Monday, January 03, 2011

We are at the serious countdown...

Absolutely everyone I talk to, including myself, is hacking coughing and sneezing. We survived the holidays only to herald January with an infestation of the common cold. Too much over indulgence - raise your hand with me if you are guilty - and a deluge of icy rain, "Voila."  While I feel a little crappy I have decided that nothing will keep me from that plane on Saturday morning. If I have to drag my body across the tarmac by my bloody fingernails... OK, OK, I over exaggerate but you get the idea.
Today marks 5 more sleeps before we leave. If you want me to be completely accurate it is really 4 sleeps and a nap because we leave London at 1:00 AM Saturday morning to go to Toronto to catch the plane.
a teaser
I have downloaded books and magazines (and paid for same, after having a talk with my daughter about the morality of pirating literature off the web, bastards steal her books, Hurrumpf) onto my e Reader and the ipod is loaded with cd's and podcasts. Sunscreen, after sun, deodorant and hand sanitizer have been purchased. Paper has been cancelled and the mail is being held. So I guess once I do the laundry and pack we are "outtahere." By the time I pack the battery charger, batteries, assorted cables, digital camera, e reader, and ipod I will be lucky to have enough room for Carl has to worry about the computer plus "accoutrement." to the laundry room


Happyone :-) said...

I'm happy to say I'm well and healthy! :-)
Looks like your off to paradise soon. Have a great time!!

Lonely Rivers said...

Just as I was congratulating myself for not catching the December cold, I sneezed. Feeling better now but it was a doozey! Hoping that your trip is everything you desire.

Stacey Pruim said...

Susan, my name is Stacey Pruim, my maiden name is Stacey Flynn. I recently found a post on Lost Trekkers where you were looking it appeared for my sister.

Did you by any chance find her? I have not been in contact with her for years. Have been divorced now for almost 4 and my kids miss her dearly as well.

If there is anyway you know of contacting her, please let her know we miss her terribly and would like her to call.

You can email me at stacey at when2agree dot com. Thank you.