Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Zero Gravity Chairs

O.K. this is the greatest patio chair I have ever sat it. My daughter got one (thank you wonderful son in law, Chris) and once I sat in it I wanted one! Carl was at a loss what to buy me for my birthday. He sent me a beautiful European plant garden for my office in a "copper" planter ( which he called a spitton .........sigh and shaking my head). I have it on my desk. so I told him about these chairs and we drove all over London till we got one for me....he was so taken with it he got one for himself too!!. You put your feet against the bar and push and it reclines... Oh joy Oh bliss...... Carl just flops himself right out and snoozes. ("Peasant") I recline in a Ladylike manner and read my book, glass of wine in hand. I am going to get a lot of mileage out of this chair this summer!!! Defintely to be put on your list of what to get the hard to buy for person. I rate this chair + + + + + + out of 6

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FeyRhi said...

Here's a nice little hint for ya. Take the neck cushion and slide it down to your lower back and then lay back and relax. *le sigh* Bliss